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Dental Light

LED Dental Light has a color temperature characteristic different from ordinary surgical shadowless light source. The high color rendering of Ra≥97 increases the color difference between blood and other tissues and organs of the human body. In venipuncture, the color change of the illumination allows the doctor to better view the vein.
The displayability of the tissue is not the same. Adjusting the color temperature of the surgical lamp can make the bright tissue and the necrotic tissue more clear, helping the surgeon to improve the quality of the operation.
The adaptability of different people to light is different from the sensory degree. The color temperature adjustable technology can adjust the color temperature to the most suitable color temperature for surgery. Adjusting the color temperature during the operation can alleviate the visual fatigue of doctors.
Brightness assurance Surgeons must be able to accurately distinguish contours, colors and movements. Therefore, as a surgeon, it is necessary to approximate the light intensity of daylight quality.
In addition, in the surgical environment, most of the light is absorbed rather than reflected, which means that the surgical shadowless lamp must provide greater brightness. The shadowless lamp can produce up to 150,000 lux of brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted steplessly. Only at this brightness can the surgeon have 50% visible light in the area. Non-productive heat guarantee Brightness of light is accompanied by heat generation. If the heat is generated during the operation, it will bring great harm to the surgeon and the patient. Therefore, what we need during surgery is light-free and heat-free lighting. Pathogen Free Assurance One of the basic elements of surgery is that the number of pathogens must be kept to a minimum during surgery. Therefore, we use the best surgical shadowless lamp design and the appropriate placement position (behind the surgeon) to effectively control the number of pathogens.
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