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Hospital Bed

The beds used by patients or severely disabled persons during rehabilitation in hospitals have common beds and multifunctional back-up beds. The bed can also be called a sick bed, a medical bed, a multi-functional nursing bed, etc. It is a bed used by the patient during recuperation rehabilitation. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, and rehabilitation institutions.
According to the material, it can be divided into ABS bed, all stainless steel bed, semi-stainless steel bed, all-steel spray plastic bed.
According to the purpose, it can be divided into medical beds and household beds.
According to the function, it can be divided into electric bed and manual bed. The electric bed can be divided into five-function electric bed and three-function electric bed. The manual bed can be divided into double-shake bed, single-shake bed and flat bed.
The bed board is stamped and formed by high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The whole bed panel is covered with concave venting holes to relieve the patient's body ventilation. It has anti-corrosion and anti-slip functions, and adopts double-supported bottom beam, which is more durable and durable. The bed body has a bearing weight of ≥250kg.
B. The bed board and the bed frame are phosphatized by 22 steps, anti-corrosion and acid-proof, antibacterial powder baking paint, luxurious and beautiful. The bed frame is fixed and welded by standard high-quality cold-rolled steel pipe, which is durable and durable.
C. Externally detachable ABS reinforced plastic bed headboard: It is made of imported ABS material and is blow molded, which is unique and beautiful. It has the characteristics of antibacterial, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean, high strength, anti-collision and easy to disassemble. Conducive to nursing treatment, cleaning, switch with Japanese hanging plate structure, ear-shaped automatic lock switch.
D. Bedside guardrail system: phosphating surface treatment of aluminum alloy handrail, antibacterial and antiseptic, acid and alkali resistant. Stainless steel bracket for easy, safe and easy maintenance.
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  • Electric Adjusted Lifted Hospital Bed

    Electric Adjusted Lifted Hospital BedFO series is 2017 years new styple. It is more suitable to modern hospital room care, with a gentle ergonomic design, It is based on long-term bedridden patients developed specifically for disabled persons, paralysis, maternal design, the use of unique...

  • Manual Hospital Bed Height Lifted

    Manual Hospital Bed Height LiftedIntroduction
    The Manual Hospital Bed Height Lifted frame, base, bed and other skeletons are made of high-quality steel with high strength; electrostatic coating, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, good adhesion, good anti-rust effect.

  • Semi-electric Height Adjusted Medical Bed

    Semi-electric Height Adjusted Medical BedSemi-electric Height Adjusted Medical Bed is a gentle ergonomic design, we bring it out in 2016 year, to meet the humanized health care, it can be best save your financial cost with a convenient medical care service, which is an ideal hospital furniture in...

  • Digital Weighing Hospital Bed

    Digital Weighing Hospital BedDigital Weighing Hospital Bed with CPR function, with length extension function, with weighting function, adopted advanced LINAK motors, TENTE four braking castors.with X-ray DHL board, it can make assistance to your X-ray imaging demands.

  • Operating Room Bed

    Operating Room BedOperating Room Bed is the best and most economic one, it can use 25 years without ABS bed head and end color do not change, beacause it use AKSUE power painting, we have produced this bed for more than 20 years, we are the largest medical manufacture in...

  • Pediatric Hospital Bed with Wheels

    Pediatric Hospital Bed with WheelsPediatric Hospital Bed with Wheels is an economic one for children hospital bed, main material is steel, castors, IV pole and mattress is optional.
    The bed panel is made of one-time stamped cold-rolled steel sheet, which is easy to breathe and...

  • Obstetric Bed

    Obstetric BedObstetric Bed is a convenient gynecological and examination chair, it can be used for obstetric bed as well as delivery bed With 8mm thick padding, we adopts fully stainless steel. This table can be used for puerperal labor, gynecological surgery,...

  • ICU Bed Turnover Hospital Patient

    ICU Bed Turnover Hospital PatientIntroduction:
    ICU Bed Turnover Hospital Patient is a turnover hospital bed used for ICU rooms. It can bear at least 280kg weight, to 430 kg weight. with other accessory parts can be optional. Like over bed table, bedside cabinet, IV stand pole...

  • Hospital Bed Orthopedic Traction

    Hospital Bed Orthopedic TractionThe design of the Hospital Bed Orthopedic Traction for orthopedic hospitals is designed for the needs of patients. The whole bed in the picture is designed with a white metal skeleton. The thick bed legs play a good supporting and fixing role. The pulleys...

  • Medical Baby Cot

    Medical Baby CotThe Medical Baby Cot is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is crimped, welded and polished. The main frame is fixed and welded with standard high-quality stainless steel thick pipe, which is sturdy and durable. It is welded by standard stainless...

  • ICU Bed Health Care Rail

    ICU Bed Health Care RailICU Bed Health Care Rail is a classic hospital bed, it use AKSUE powder painting, with long time color keeping, and anti age, anti dust. Castors can be optional for central control or braking system. It is an ideal hospital furniture as well as for home...

  • Automatic Lift Adjusted Hospital Bed

    Automatic Lift Adjusted Hospital BedModel: FE-2 Name: automatic lift adjusted hospital bed Q: Dose your company is a trading company or manufacture? A: we are manufacture, the largest manufacture in North China. YUDA medical is started from 1992 year to do hospital furniture, we now with 3...

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