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Hospital Furniture

The medical stainless steel treatment car has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and is convenient for daily disinfection and cleaning. Medical body with drawer treatment car body is made of high quality 304/316 stainless steel or ABS, good corrosion resistance, frame solid plate welding, uniform and firm; double drawer design, upper and lower structure, can be used to place some valuable medical drugs, reagents, medical records Etc., with a key to ensure the safety of the item.
The whole is made of high-quality stainless steel with strong wear resistance and rust resistance. It has excellent performance in anti-aging and wear resistance, and the product has good durability.
The treatment cabinet is designed with a sliding sliding wheel for easy movement and handling. The overall structure is simple in design, light in weight and small in floor space. The design of each cabinet and drawer is very beautiful, and the draw pulley design is very delicate. Each layer in the cabinet has a shelf for stratification, and the instruments can be classified and stored. There are no quality defects in the welds, the connection is firm, the welded parts are carefully polished, smooth and smooth, and the whole cabinet gives a beautiful and visual effect.
Hospital Furniture is one of our hot products, belonging to the commonly used medical car, bed and table series. This product has excellent performance and complete functions. It is not only practical but also competitively priced, so it is well received by customers. Sincerely welcome that you can buy Hospital Furniture from our factory - one of the most professional manufacturers and Suppliers in China, We will provide you with the best price Hospital Furniture for sale.
  • Emergency Trolley Hospital Instrument

    Emergency Trolley Hospital InstrumentBasic info:
    1. Pull-type ABS sub-workbench design can extend the work surface in the application process;
    2. The back of the car body is equipped with cardiopulmonary resuscitation board, power socket, and fast-rotating ABS tray.

  • Medical Carts On Wheels With Drawers

    Medical Carts On Wheels With DrawersMedical carts on wheels with drawers are the ideal solution for storing and transporting medicines and other medical products throughout the healthcare facility. Carts are designed to ensure everything is safe, organized and easy to access so you can...

  • Manual Examination Bed

    Manual Examination BedThe Manual Examination Bed is used for clinic examinations, its material is stainless steel. you can optional steel coating materials.

  • Emergency Stretcher Surgical Instrument

    Emergency Stretcher Surgical InstrumentEmergency Stretcher Surgical Instrument is designed for rapid and safe transfer of critically ill patients, from emergency rooms to wards, from wards to diagnostic rooms. The stretcher has a complete braking system that fits perfectly on the ground and the...

  • Operating Table Stirrups

    Operating Table StirrupsFlexible combination and disassembly, each layer superposition can increase the height of 70mm, and can be connected back and forth, left and right, and increase the working face . Polyurethane elastic footpad, do not damage the operating room floor,...

  • Hospital Bedside Cabinet With Drawers

    Hospital Bedside Cabinet With DrawersThe medical bedside table is a cabinet placed on the side of the hospital bed for daily use by the patient. Hospital Bedside Cabinet With Drawers can put some medicines and some daily necessities that are used in the daily life. Because the needs of the...

  • Hydraulic Ambulance Stretcher

    Hydraulic Ambulance StretcherThe Hydraulic Ambulance Stretcher is made of galvanized steel tube and surface coated by electron-static spray. The back board is made of American electroplated board with it is equipped with the imported double hydraulic rise and fall system. It is...

  • Medical Locking Instrument Cabinet

    Medical Locking Instrument CabinetPerformance characteristics of Medical Locking Instrument Cabinet
    1. The cabinet is made of SUS304 imported stainless steel decorative board, which is easy to clean.
    2. Double open door, use 120 ° open door hinge and the cabinet is...

  • Hospital Waiting Room Recliner Chairs

    Hospital Waiting Room Recliner ChairsHospital waiting room recliner chairs are often required to be compatible with the environment, strong and beautiful, with good carrying capacity, suitable for all types of people, and easy to clean.

  • Wheels Stretcher Emergency

    Wheels Stretcher EmergencyWheels Stretcher Emergency is our factory bicycle design and manufacture for medical unit, first aid center, gymnasium to transport the sick man's use. It not only reduces the labor intensity of ambulance workers. It is more suitable for patients to be...

  • Anesthesia Trolley Surgical Apparatus

    Anesthesia Trolley Surgical ApparatusAdvantages:
    1. The Anesthesia Trolley Surgical Apparatus is injection molded with medical ABS engineering plastic pure material, and the table top is equipped with transparent soft glass to effectively prevent the items from sliding on the...

  • Emergency Room Ambulance Stretcher Bed

    Emergency Room Ambulance Stretcher BedThe emergency room ambulance stretcher bed takes into account the narrow space such as the elevator, and folds into a chair shape to move the stretcher; the foam cushion is made of anti-seepage technology, the backrest angle can be adjusted to make the...

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