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Surgical Light

YDE500/700 provides white and indirect light, as well as adjustment of the illuminated operating field for each surgical procedure. It contains 45+60 LEDs providing 190,000 Lux. 90% of LED is made of aluminum: this material, indefinitely recyclable, reduces raw material and longer service life.
  • LED Surgical Examination Lights

    LED Surgical Examination LightsModel: YDE300D Name: LED Surgical Examination Lights SPOTLIGHT Perfect Minor Surgical Light--- Ceiling mounted, Wall mounted, Floor type, Dual head ceiling mount. The YDE300 series with a unique and portable design caters to modern OR room and doctor exam...

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  • LED Surgical Lamp

    LED Surgical LampModel: YDE700/500 B Name:LED Surgical Lamp Features Unique LED technology available,the YDE500/700 series of Dual Ceiling Mounted Medical Operating lamp have been designed to caters to all kinds of LED lighting Optional: HD camera, SD camera and Endoscopy...

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  • OR Light Portable

    OR Light PortableModel: YDE700Ceiling-A Name: OR Light Portable Introduction The YDE700 series of Medical lights have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs. It can be used for OR light, types like :standby, floor type,...

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  • OT Light Bulb

    OT Light BulbModel: YDZ500/700 Name: OT Light Bulb Introduction Dual Arm Halogen Surgical Light --YDZ series shadowless Operating lamp can widely be used in diversified operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination, and it is the ideal illumination...

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  • Medical Examination Light

    Medical Examination LightModel: YDE300 Ceiling type Name: Medical Examination Light Feature Golden Design Surgical Light---YDE300. With a unique portable design caters to modern operation room in examination light, which is a cost effective operation lamp It is perfectly designed...

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  • Surgical Light Veterinary

    Surgical Light VeterinaryModel: YDE300/300 Name: Surgical Light veterinary Feature Golden design with 20 plus 20 LED beads as a smaller medical operating lamp. The YDE300/300 with a flexible and portable design caters to modern operation room , which is a cost effective operating...

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  • Light Handles Surgery

    Light Handles SurgeryModel:YDE300 Ceiling type Name: Light Handles surgery Features Examination Surgical Light---The YDE300 with a unique and portable design caters to modern operation room for doctor lamp, which is a cost effective surgical instrument tool. It has been...

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  • Surgical Ceiling Lights

    Surgical Ceiling LightsModel: YDE700/500 A Name: Surgical Ceiling Lights Introduction Surgical Ceiling Lights combines Osram LED technology with French Gaggione lens: cold and warm light color, a life-span comes to 100.000 hours and an almost nonexistent heat development in the...

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  • Portable Examination Light

    Portable Examination LightModel: YDE300D Name: Portable Examination Light Feature Floor type mobile surgical light--- The YDE300 with an ergonomic design as an examination and surgery lamp ,which is a cost effective operating equipment. It has been specifically designed for minor...

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  • Portable Surgery Light

    Portable Surgery LightModel: YDE500/700C Name: Portable Surgery Light Feature Shell Cover Super Blue --Use the most advanced LED Osram beads, the YDE500/700 series of LED OT light have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs....

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  • Mobile Surgical Light

    Mobile Surgical LightModel: YDE300D Name; Mobile Surgical light Features Perfect examination Light, standby type YDE300 with a unique and portable design as a examination and surgery equipment ,which can be used for minor surgery, maxillofacial, obstetrics, diagnostics and...

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  • Medical Floor Lamp Mobile

    Medical Floor Lamp MobileModel: YDE500D-B Name: Medical Floor Lamp Mobile Features Standby mobile type surgical light-- YDE500. The head design can largely reduce the disturbance of the air laminar flow in the operating room. The streamline lamp body with a small size petals...

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