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Surgical Light

The YDE500 / 700 provides white light and indirect light, as well as adjustments to the illuminated surgical field during each procedure. It contains 45 + 60 LEDs and offers 190,000 Lux. 90% of the LEDs are made of aluminum: this material can be recycled indefinitely, reducing raw materials and extending service life.
Surgical shadowless lights are used to illuminate the surgical site to optimally view small, low-contrast objects at different depths of the incision and body cavity. Since the operator's head, hands and instruments may interfere with the shadow of the surgical site, the surgical light should be designed to minimize shadows and minimize color distortion. In addition, the shadowless lamp must be able to work for a long time without dissipating too much heat, as overheating can make the operator feel uncomfortable and dry the tissue in the surgical field.
The surgical light avoids heat generation while the light is bright. The shadowless lamp can filter 99.5% of the infrared component through the new filter to ensure that the light reaching the operation area is cold. The shape design and installation position of the surgical lamp and the high standard sealing handle can effectively control the number of pathogens and can be disassembled and disinfected.
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