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Exam Table

  • Medical Exam Table For Sale

    Medical Exam Table For SaleModel: A46
    Name: medical exam hospital table

  • Medical Power Exam Tables

    Medical Power Exam TablesModel:A47
    Name: medical power exam tables
    Overall size: 1950*680*600/800mm
    Packaging: wooden box, packaging size: 1870*710*650mm
    Mattress: sponge
    Material: cold rooled steel
    Maximum capacity: 200kg

  • Examination Couch

    Examination CouchModel: A48
    Name: examination couch
    This kind of examiantion couch has a very useful and economic function, it not only use in hospitals as examination, or clininc, it can also use as massage bed on home care use.

  • Medical Exam Room Tables

    Medical Exam Room TablesModel: A49
    Name: medical exam room tables

  • Medical Exam Surgical Table

    Medical Exam Surgical TableModel: A46
    Name: medical exam table for sale