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Fluoroscopic Operating Table

YUDA Medical is one of the largest Fluoroscopic Operating Table manufacturers and suppliers, providing a wide selection of Fluoroscopic Operating Table for sale. Please feel free to import surgical light at competitive price here.
The fluoroscope is just a "real time" X-ray picture. This is a "real time" real-time diagnostic tool. During some operations, it is necessary to understand the progress of the surgery. Fluoroscopy helps the surgeon manipulate himself and his tools more accurately in his movements. The fluoroscopy operating table is just an operating table with a “built-in” X-ray device that provides the surgeon with a video of the internals of your operation.
  • Exam Table Images

    Exam Table ImagesModel: JR-9000
    Name: exam table images
    Styles : Medical Table
    Electric Catheterization

  • Operation Theatre Table Images

    Operation Theatre Table ImagesModel: DST-700G
    Name: operation theatre table images
    Styles :table images

  • Patient Table

    Patient TableModel: DST-III
    Name: hydraulic operation table

  • Surgical Table Images

    Surgical Table ImagesModel: DST-700G
    Name: surgical table images
    Styles :table images

  • Fluoroscopic Operating Table

    Fluoroscopic Operating TableModel: JR -9000
    Name: fluoroscopic operating table
    Origin: China ( Shandong YUDA Medical Equipment )
    Styles : Table Images
    Electric/ manual Catheterization , OR table images