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Surgical Table Images

Model: DST-700G
Name: surgical table images
Styles :table images

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Model: DST-700G

Name: surgical table images

Styles :table images


Remote control multi-functional surgical operating table fluoroscopic operating table

This bed much used by doctors in rooms operations this electronic bed well equip multifunction ultra low the Table design with advanced hydraulic X-ray and C-arm use. Features flex and reflex positioning the full body imaging. with a horizontal position of 350mm,and 550mm ultra-full, with a remote control that allows him to adjust the position of the patient with a two-memory reset system that allows it to control its density safely, the duration of the battery of 80 - 100 times in surgeries, a control system that allows it to be back to the storyteller to zero and a system of soft memory this DST has the comfort of patient.



Thorax navigation operation

Head navigation operation

Kidney ( waist) navigation operation

Upper limber navigation operation

Neck vertebra traction  operation

Recta operation

Spinal column navigation operation

Lower limber navigation operation

Urological/ gynecological operation




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