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Gynecologist Table

We are committed to manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of excellent hospital related products and equipment and are one of the most reliable suppliers in China.
A professional Gynecologist Table provides comfort, stability and convenience for every woman during a physical examination. We provide leg support or ankles for our table as well as thick, comfortable cushions that allow your customers to easily sit in a comfortable position.
  • Gynecologist Hospital Table

    Gynecologist Hospital TableThis gynecologist hospital table with the electric function equipped with an electric control pedal and a control hava 1400mm- 580mm size this table also contains manual adjustment have no noise and smooth stability the opbstrics urinary operating with...

  • Gynecological Operating Table

    Gynecological Operating TableThe gynecological operating table is an auxiliary medical device that provides various gynaecological examinations, diagnostic operations and family planning examinations in hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, and mobile check-up vehicles. This...

  • Gynecologist Obstetric Table

    Gynecologist Obstetric TableFeatures
    1. The Gynecologist Obstetric Table is for maternal delivery, gynaecological surgery, diagnosis and examination, and has a variety of medical functions including emergency caesarean section.
    2. The bed is folded on the board,...

  • Operation Theatre Bed

    Operation Theatre BedModel: DFC-6001 Name: Operation Theatre bed Introduction With the conception of FCMC ( Family Centered Maternity Care) design, YUDA medical came out a ergonomic delivery clinic bed as gynecologist surgery table. With a 380kg ( 840lbs) heavy loaded...

  • Hydraulic Operation Table

    Hydraulic Operation TableModel: DST-III
    Name: or table images

  • Radiolucent Operating Table

    Radiolucent Operating Table​Model: DST-700G
    Name: radiolucent operating room table
    Origin: china ( Shandong YUDA Medical Equipment )
    Styles :table images

  • Orthopedic Operating Room Table

    Orthopedic Operating Room TableModel: DST 700
    Name: orthopedic operating room table
    Styles : Operation theatre table
    Electric orthopedic imaging integrated operating

  • Gynecologist Or Table

    Gynecologist Or TableModel: DST 3003
    name: gynecologist or table
    Styles : Medical Dad
    Obstertrics and Gynaecology operating table

  • Orthopedic Surgery Table

    Orthopedic Surgery TableModel: DST 700
    Name: orthopedic surgery table
    Styles : Operation theatre table
    Electric orthopedic imaging integrated operating

  • Gynecologist Table Surgical Supplies

    Gynecologist Table Surgical SuppliesModel: DST-3003
    Name: gynecologist table surgical supplies
    Style: urology/ gynecological operating table, examination table bed
    Medical equipment electric gynecology surgical table obstetric examination table

  • Gynecologist Patient Table

    Gynecologist Patient TableModel: DST-IVA
    Name: gynecologist patient table
    Origin: China
    Styles : Medical Table
    Gynaecology operating table

  • Gynecological Examination Chair

    Gynecological Examination ChairModel: DST-V Name: Gynecological Examination Chair Introduction To meet the surgical room financial cost for doctor surgeries, YUDA medical came out a High-quality and cost-efficient portable mobile urology intervention DST-V gynecology tables. With 8mm...

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