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OT Table

The OT Table system has many advantages. Since the device is usually firmly fixed to the floor, transportation is easier, so the legs and struts of the transport device are no longer needed. In addition, the transporter has light and large casters that are not only gentle on the floor. Since the casters are not connected to the system, the entire operating area is more hygienic, just like on a mobile operating table. The result is difficult to clean and less sanitary. The operating column can be rotated 360° to provide the ideal space for the team's feet. Due to the use of X-ray-enabled materials, the tabletop is almost completely radiolucent. The universal operating table can be used as a stationary, mobile and mobile device. However, the move operation table is used as a special table. The desktop cannot be removed or replaced. Depending on the version, the operation can be manual, pedal or motorized.We are suppliers, so the price is very cheap.
  • OT Table Battery Operated

    OT Table Battery OperatedOT Table Battery Operated, 400kg safety maximum capacity, this is the quality we can give the reputation on this table, over more than 150 countries more than 20,000 hospitals on the tests of this multi funtion OT table, now we are more confident to make...

  • Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

    Electro Hydraulic Operating TableThis electric and hydraulic operating table is very popular, it has got many hospitals and distributors purchasing beacause it is both humanized design and economic price. we can give you a high quality but with a good price to save your costs and money.