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Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Model: DST-III Name: Electro hydraulic operating table Introduction Hydraulic and electric Orthopedic Operating table---DST-III can be best suitable your financial cost, but match up a high tech with high quality and ergonomic workflows. DST-III also setting standards in stability. It bears...

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Model: DST-III

Name: Electro hydraulic operating table

This electric and hydraulic operating table is very popular, it has got many hospitals and distributors purchasing beacause it is both humanized design and economic price. we can give you a high quality but with a good price to save your costs and money.



 1.Creating a more ergonomic work space with enhanced adjustment capabilities and unrivaled ease, for all various surgeons.
 2.High weight capacity; 430kg (950lbs) maximum capacity, it meets the requirements of bariatric surgeries.
 3.Flat Shift for X-ray Compatibility comes to 370 mm (14.6 in) and the use of carbon-fiber modules provide excellent C-arm access.
 4.One reset-function as CPR as optional
 5.Gynecology and Urology and.Neurosurgery can be finished by this type OT table.

 1.The end of the bed bed of ABS is easy to unload。
 2.Aluminum alloy guardrail, can fold, use safer
 3.The control wheel is more stable
 4.All-directional adjustable hand controller


Technical data

size: 2015*540mm

 Min height: (660 ± 20) mm
Max height: (1000 ± 20) mm 

lifting route electric: 360mm

horizontal movement electric: 360mm

other functions is used as multi function operating table.

it can finish head and foot exchange board.

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