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Surgical Table

The operating table is the platform for surgery and anesthesia. The surgical assistant adjusts the operating bed to the desired position according to the surgical requirements, so that the surgical area is completely exposed, and the patient is facilitated to perform anesthesia induction and infusion management, so that the operation can be smoothly performed.
With the development of science and technology, the operating bed has been developed from an artificially driven type to an electronically controlled hydraulic type, that is, an electric operating bed. The electric operating bed not only makes the operation more convenient and labor-saving, but also enhances the safety and stability of the patient's different postures, and develops in the two directions of multi-functionality and specialization.
It usually consists of a bed (including a support part, a transmission part and an electric control part) and accessories. The support portion usually includes a table top (various support plates), a lifting column and a base. According to the transmission principle, it can be divided into three types of transmission structures: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. The head plate, back plate, leg plate and table top are adjustable.
The superior YUDA DST-700 series of operating tables can be used for imaging diagnostics and inspection, as well as for a variety of operations. With a 350mm (13.8" horizontal movement, it provides an accurate and convenient space for the C-arm to perform whole-body X-ray imaging without moving the patient.
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  • Exam Table Images

    Exam Table ImagesModel: JR-9000
    Name: exam table images
    Styles : Medical Table
    Electric Catheterization

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    Origin: China ( Shandong YUDA Medical Equipment )
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    Origin: china ( Shandong YUDA Medical Equipment )
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