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Surgery Table

  • Surgery Patient Table

    Surgery Patient TableModel: DST-500A
    Name: surgery patient table
    Origin: China ( Shandong YUDA Medical Equipment )
    Styles : Medical Table

  • Surgery Hospital Table

    Surgery Hospital TableModel: DST-III
    Name: surgery hospital table
    DST-III Operation Theatre Table C-arm Compatitble surgical table

  • Surgery Surgical Table

    Surgery Surgical TableModel: DST-III
    Name: surgery surgical table
    DST-III Medical operation table electric C arm surgical table special imaging operating table

  • Veterinary Surgery Table

    Veterinary Surgery TableModel: DST-100
    Name: veterinary surgery table
    Veterinary Table /Heating V-top Veterinary Table A two panel table top system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the pets in the desired position during surgery. Overall size of...

  • Orthopedic Operating Table

    Orthopedic Operating TableModel: DST 700
    Name: orthopedic operating table
    Styles : surgery Table
    Electric orthopedic imaging integrated operating

  • Eye Surgery Table

    Eye Surgery Tableeye surgery table