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C-arm Compatible Medical Table Images

Model: DST-700 Name: C-arm compatible medical tables imaging Introduction Ideal Orthopedic X-ray imaging OT table----DST-700 This new range makes excellent use of space and resources, with streamlining workflows and raising productivity. It can best support for the patient and surgical team in...

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Model: DST-700

Name: C-arm compatible medical tables imaging

If you want to have a long life using OT table but with a cheaper price, so this table can give you a good choice. 


it can bear a safety load for 380kg, so you don't need to worry to satisfy obesity patients demands. it can have a flexible multi-function with different position to change, while can keep a long time steady power and function.

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We have the largest medical or system manufacturing workshop in northern China. The goods we produce are very comprehensive. We can provide a complete design and offer for the new hospital. As a result, customers do not have to collect materials from many factories.
Our products cover the entire operating room, the entire ward care of all products, we promise that we will provide you with the most efficient all-round quality services to ensure that you solve all your worries.

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