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Surgical Tower Pendant

Surgical Tower Pendant is an indispensable new type of practical medical auxiliary equipment for modern operating rooms. It has high carrying capacity and can be easily lifted by an electric lifting suspension anesthesia machine. The high-strength cantilever rotates left and right. The pneumatic brake prevents drifting and the performance is stable and reliable. The medical staff can easily move the locked tower position as needed. The tower body configuration can be equipped with strong, weak and network, communication paging, video and other sockets according to your needs; the full range of services make your work more convenient and easier, and more convenient.
The purpose of Surgical Tower Pendant is provides an innovate and practical medical care auxiliary equipment to ICU patient room. Compact, realized a column for one bed or a column for two-bed,this kind of ICU Station is especially designed for a small hospital area restrictions.
1.Surgical Tower Pendant system,specially designed for intensive care rooms, the entire proocess wards, the recovery room.Supply flexible, first-rank nursing satisty patient's separate treatment and nursing demand.Unique design lies in it all hides the electrical cable and pipeline in the ceiling-mounted arm.
2.The modular design and multiple configurations.
3.As clients' requirements,providing reasonable ICU Combination Ceiling-Mounted Pendant(Apart Dry-Wet).
4.Advanced spray technology, the intelligent combination of innovative ways to make the bridge pendant with diverse functions.
5 Wet and dry functions can be combined with the freedom of columns, boxes and rotate arm,maximize access to the patient, rescue time to survive.
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