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Medical Light Operating Room Equipment

medical light operating room equipment

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Model: YDE 700/500
Name: medical light operating room equipment

Styles : Medical lamp
Shadowless operating lamp

  This the high tech AMP medical lamp we call it YDZ 700/500 with a automatically function it is used in hospitals to do operation it is composed of a small and big model ydz700/500 very effective for surgery have <134 temperature high up automatically within 0.2 S. both the lamp can be rotated from left to right and change position to be better regulated .






Specification                       YDZ700/500
Maximum illuminace                120,000/80,000
Color   temperature                 4200k+/-500k
Spot diameter                       200+/-100mm
Lighting depth                          >80cm
Brightness adjustment                 eight  gears  dimmer system  
Temperature rise on the surgeon’s head       <2  <2
Color rendering index                       >95/
Supply voltage                        220v+/- 22v 50hz+/-1hz
Input power                             500w
Bulb  power                           150/150
Automatic switch of king auxiliary bulb   

Lowest installation heigth                  2800mm
Of single bending lamp     


YDZ700/500 operation theater instrument Surgical light double arm halogen reflector light 

1. YDZ series shadowless operating lamp is made of rotation arm , balance arm and lamp head. It can satisfy for your different request.

2. Arm rotation around the rotation axis 360 º spin,Move the shadowless lamp to the position where the doctor wants according to the position of the surgery bed. 

3. The shadowless installation height is 2.65m-3.2m, the ideal height is 3.05m, the lamp body rise to 2.2—2.3m, YDZ halogen lamp can be  used in the chest, abdomen, brain surgery and other surgery

4.the lowest height of the lamp body from the ground is about 1.1m, can be used for surgery which needs side lighting such as anorectal Branch gynecological surgery and so on


Real hospital case.


It was imported to many countries globally, with perfect lighting system, YUDA medical has been the hospital solution professor, with dedication to improve users experience, YUDA OT light has updated so many time, it can bestly satisfy different users requests.


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