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Theatre Lighting

Looking for the highest quality and standard Theatre Lighting in China, we are a professional manufacturer and supplier. Theater lighting and unbeatable service at competitive prices as well as fast delivery on our website.
The essence of surgical lamps is that the essence of ordinary lamps is to meet the special requirements of surgery.
1. Operating room lighting brightness requirements.
2. Safe surgical lighting.
3. There is no shadow requirement.
4. Cold light requirements.
5. Removable disinfection requirements.
Long LED life, no need to replace the lamp bead for 60,000 hours, 40 times longer than halogen lamp. At the same brightness, the energy consumption of LEDs is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of halogen lamps.
Imported LED cold light source without infrared radiation, nano-coated radiator, for excellent heat dissipation. Light-emitting diodes are used as the light source, no temperature rise, no ultraviolet radiation, no stroboscopic.
The perfect shadowless effect, scientific curved focusing design, cleverly avoiding the occlusion of the doctor's head and shoulders, achieving ideal shadowless effect and super deep illumination.
Imported high-performance lamp beads, efficient space layout, energy saving effect under the same illumination is better than other international famous brands.
Two kinds of lamp beads with similar color temperature are used to avoid the vertigo feeling of the surgeon.
Impact resistant, waste recyclable and mercury free.
Electric focus adjustment method. (optional)
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